Dear Friends,

There’s a South Jersey family I’d like you to meet.
Their story caught my attention and I nominated them for a special honor.

This past week, they were recognized for their commitment to changing the lives of local children, by welcoming them into their home.
I had the pleasure of greeting them in my Washington, DC office moments before they were honored as “Angels in Adoption."
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Donald Norcross


NJ Couple Who Adopted 10 Children Receive Huge Honor
By Deana Harley

Dorothy and Charles Beck of Sicklerville are currently in the process of adopting a child. But it’s no ordinary adoption. It is their thirteenth. The Becks have been adopting children, most with special needs, since 1990. Now, they are being honored with the Angels in Adoption award for all of their efforts.

Representative Donald Norcross nominated the parents for the award this summer.

“When I learned of the selfless actions of the Becks, I knew I had to do something to recognize them,” Norcross said in a press release, “No one deserves this distinction as much as they do.”

The Becks are currently parents of ten adopted children, seven of which have special needs.

After her sister, who had special needs, died when she was a child, Dorothy knew she wanted to have a large family with children from “all walks of life and nationalities."

Among their children are a boy who was paralyzed, a daughter given up by her birth mother, and a girl who spent time in eight different foster homes before finding the Becks. Dorothy says that she and her husband find joy in adopting children who are typically harder to place.

“It’s more joy than anything else,” she said in a press release. "People think we’re giving the kids a blessing. Actually, we get the blessings by adopting them.”

“The Beck’s aren’t just ‘Angels,’ they’re true heroes,” Norcross said. "And I applaud them for all they’ve done for these children.”