To the Editor:

In reference to the recent letter, "Go with Norcross on 'no-fly' gun ban," from Francis Spence, a supporter of U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross, D-1st Dist., in the June 7 primary election:

The letter touted Norcross' support for federal legislation to prevent anybody on the FBI's No Fly List from purchasing guns. To me, "no-fly, no-buy," describes the belief that Americans on this list should be denied their constitutionally protected right to the Second Amendment. 


N.J. congressman fights to block gun sales to no-fly list

N.J. congressman fights to block gun sales to no-fly list

U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross urged House leaders not to adjourn for the year until they passed a bill blocking the sale of weapons to suspected terrorists.


As Norcross' opponent for the Democrats' First Dist. nomination, I strongly disagree with him.

I firmly believe that we need more robust gun control to prevent the tragedies that have become all too frequent in our country. To me, serious gun reform  includes closing loopholes, instituting a national system of strict background checks and increased mental health treatment funding. 

Strong gun policy should have grounding in a realistic expectation of results. To honestly say we will have better gun control by stripping rights from Americans on an untraced, unexplained list is, in my estimation, absolutely foolish.

What makes us who we are as Americans is the system of government we have that guarantees more freedoms than any people in the world have ever experienced. At the core of our system is due process; that the government cannot take away your explicit constitutional rights unless you commit a crime. 

'No-fly, no-buy," while catchy, makes a mockery of our way of life. Democrats might disagree with the Second Amendment. But if we support Norcross' stance, who says that the next time an untraceable, unexplained list is made, it won't take away a right that we believe to be non-negotiable — like the First Amendment?  This is the kind of slippery slope Norcross failed to consider with his support of "no fly, no buy."

Ending gun violence is very important, but so is protecting civil liberties. Although I agree to the ends, I object to the means.

Alex Law

Candidate for U.S. Congress

First District

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