Congressman Donald Norcross

Alex Law

Key Endorsements from Progressive Organizations and Candidates

In addition to securing the endorsements from the leaders of both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns in New Jersey, Donald has the support of organizations like Planned Parenthood, the Sierra Club, the CWA, NJEA, AFL-CIO, Human Rights Campaign, and the Alliance for Retired Americans, just to name a few. 

Law has worked against both Sanders and Clinton 

Law made his support for Bernie Sanders the focus of his campaign, but continues to work against him. He attempted to remove Sanders-aligned candidates from the ballot and successfully denied others from running. He has also been dismissive and disparaging of Hillary Clinton in public comments.

Qualified community leader based on experience

Donald worked as an electrician helping to build and repair South Jersey’s bridges and roadways. He started in 1980 making $4.15 an hour, and at times had to draw from unemployment and disability to provide for his family. He went on to serve as an assistant business manager for the local electrician's union and as the leader of the Southern NJ AFL-CIO, which represents the interests of over 85,000 working men and women. Donald is also a longtime member and past chairman of the Camden County United Way charity, and he led a successful grassroots effort to bring the Battleship New Jersey home to the Camden Waterfront.

Law has an elitist attitude toward higher education

On 1/29/16, in an online forum, Law responded to a question about his credentials by saying "I am qualified, yes because I have more education than Mr. Norcross, who by the way does not have a college degree."

Supports "No-Fly, No-Buy" Bill

Donald co-sponsored the ‘No-Fly, No-Buy’ bill, which aims to stop those on the terror watchlist from buying guns. As a member of the Armed Services Committee and its Emerging Threats Subcommittee, Donald is committed to fighting to close this dangerous loophole in our laws.

Law opposes efforts to keep guns away from suspected terrorists

On 12/21/15, Law posted his opposition to HR1076, the 'Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act,' cosponsored by Rep. Norcross. He called the bill 'dangerous' and said "this bill is worrisome to me. We do still have a Second Amendment, and these folks on the no-fly list have not yet broken any laws."

Read Law's stance on guns for terrorists here.

FEC-Compliant Campaign

Donald has a proven track history of running open, substantive campaigns including his current re-election bid for Congress.

Law has violated FEC rules

A formal complaint has been filed against Law, who paid for mailings for county candidates in a clear violation of FEC rules. He also repeatedly mailed campaign materials to voters that did not contain any indication of who paid for it, another violation.