South Jersey used to be an economic power house in manufacturing. We need to start building things again so we don’t slip further behind in the global economy.

I live in the same building my father once worked in when it was still RCA — where they made the first talking machines, radios, and TV’s. We need to create jobs in South Jersey to regain our competitive edge. 

I will develop and support initiatives in Congress that create manufacturing opportunities here by rewarding business innovation and reversing the trend of offshoring jobs — a practice that leaves New Jersey workers behind. Given our close proximity to world class institutions of higher learning there’s no reason we can’t make the promise of innovation a reality.

As Senator, I led the charge on getting the Economic Opportunity Act passed into law — a game-changing law that will help to create thousands of jobs in our region. In Washington I want to step up that effort to bring new opportunities here to South Jersey, not overseas.