SNJ Today
October 25, 2016

GLASSBORO, N.J. – Glassboro revamped 1.75 acres into a town square that the officials boast no other comes close to.

The much anticipated $2 million project began in May and is a part of the continuing redevelopment of downtown Glassboro.

“We wanted something where people could meet and greet and we felt something that would provide a better quality of life for the residents of Glassboro and in the surrounding areas,” said Glassboro Mayor Leo McCabe.

The town square will soon feature art in the art garage, and with such a large chunk of land, the area is expected to host town events, such as outdoor movie nights.

“Every time I come down here something has changed and changed for the better,” said Congressman Donald Norcross.

One of the focal points of Glassboro’s new town square is the Veterans’ Plaza. It’s a place Mayor McCabe is most excited about because it was built to honor and remember veterans in the area.

“We want them to recognize what the veterans have done for us and this is what we’re emphasizing here now,” said Mayor McCabe.

The mayor is hoping the area will be used by veterans, Rowan University students, and thousands of others to create memories for years to come in Glassboro.

“We see this great plaza, memorial, for those that served our country,” said Congressman Norcross.”Another feather in the cap for Glassboro who’s really reemerging as a place of education, a place of business and a place of community.”

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