The best social program in the world is a good-paying job, and I’ve worked hard to help create new jobs and spur business growth in South Jersey. 

I led the initiative to increase New Jersey’s minimum wage and now I’m calling for a $15 per hour federal minimum wage, because America’s working families deserve a raise.

I am focused on strengthening our region’s core industries including our colleges and universities, hospitals, and ports. I’m working to advance big projects like the new Port of Paulsboro and ongoing ‘Direct Connection’ highway work along I-295. And I’m fighting hard to protect New Jersey’s Joint Military Base and the thousands of jobs it provides.

I championed a groundbreaking effort to improve our economy and bring new jobs to our region through the Economic Opportunity Act of 2013. These efforts have led to the creation of new manufacturing, service, and retail businesses along the ports of the Delaware River and throughout South Jersey. Among them is Holtec International, which is currently constructing a high-tech manufacturing facility along the Delaware that will eventually employ thousands of local residents.

I have also been a leader in modernizing our state’s brewing and distilling laws, supporting multiple small businesses throughout the state and creating jobs along with unique, Jersey-made craft brews and spirits. 

As your representative in Congress, I will bring these innovative ideas to the national level and work to create family-sustaining jobs for all Americans.