(CAMDEN) – Latino leaders throughout South Jersey have come together to endorse Donald Norcross for Congress in New Jersey's First District. They have pointed to his continued support of issues that affect the Latino community throughout New Jersey, and his strong record of supporting issues important to them, including the DREAM Act, Social Security, jobs creation, a $15 an hour minimum wage and the “Puerto Rico Uniformity Act of 2015,” of which he is a sponsor.

“It is my honor to have the support of so many leaders who work tirelessly to advocate on behalf of their communities,” Norcross said. “The issues facing New Jersey's Latinos are the same issues facing all of New Jersey's families. They want to make sure they can provide for their families through good paying jobs, that they will be secure in their retirement, and that their children will have a brighter future than they have had. These are values we all share, values that we must protect.”

Community leaders have cited Norcross' support of Equal Pay as an important part of their endorsement. The pay gap disproportionately affects Latinas, who on average are paid 54% of what non-Hispanic white men are paid. Norcross was joined by State Senator Nilsa Cruz Perez and Camden County Freeholder Carmen Rodriguez at a press conference last month to draw attention to the issue.

“Congressman Norcross has always been a friend to the Latino community, and I can honestly say that he truly gets it,” said State Senator Nilsa Cruz Perez. “He understands the inequalities we face every day, and the hurdles so many of us have to overcome to be successful. We have to make sure that he is able to continue his efforts on behalf of New Jersey's residents.”

“I stood beside Congressman Norcross as he unrolled his plan to boost Social Security, and I am proud to stand with him today,” Camden County Freeholder Carmen Rodriguez intoned. “Our seniors have worked hard their entire lives. They should not have to struggle to make ends meet in their retirement.”

He is a strong advocate for compressive immigration reform. During his time in the NJ Legislature, Congressman Norcross voted in favor of the DREAM Act legislation that would open opportunities to DREAMers seeking higher education. He also strongly believes in a pathway to citizenship for those brave men and women who proudly serve in our military.

“From stimulating the economy, to providing educational opportunities for all of our residents, to immigration reform, Congressman Norcross is a voice for Latinos in Washington,” added Camden City Council President Frank Moran. “Let's make sure we send him back to Congress. There is more to be done, and he is the best man for the job.”

Cruz Perez, Rodriguez, and Moran are joined by dozens of Latino leaders in their endorsement.


Latino Leaders Endorse Donald Norcross for Congress

 Nilsa Cruz Perez - Senator

Gabriela Mosquera - Assemblywoman

Carmen G Rodriguez - Camden County Freeholder

Geraldo Fuentes - Woodlynne Mayor

Virginia Betteridge - Runnemede Mayor Emeriti & CC Board of Social Services Member

Francisco Moran - Camden City Council President

Marilyn Torres - Camden City Councilwoman

Luis Lopez - Camden City Councilman

Angel Fuentes - Camden City Councilman

William Valle - Woodlynne Councilman

Pablo R Fuentes - Woodlynne Councilman

Frank Epifanio Jr - Berlin Twp Councilman

Gladys Zambrana - Haddonfield Committeewoman & CC Board of Social Services member

Nohemie Soria - Housing Authority Commissioner

Felicia Reyes Morton - Committeewoman & Camden City Schools Advisory Board member

Mary Espinal - Camden City Parking Authority Commissioner

Maria Correa - Committeewoman & Housing Authority Commissioner

Jose Brito - Camden City Schools Advisory Board Member

Isaias Martinez - CC Zoning Board Member & Pastor

Andres Camacho - Committeeman & Former Committee Chairman

Ricky Hernandez - Committeeman Woodlynne

Carmen Alvarado - Committeewoman Camden

Maria Sharma - Committeewoman Camden

Carmen Otero - Committeeman Camden

Osvaldo Camacho - Committeeman Camden

Wanda Garcia - Committeewoman Camden

Emmanuel Nieves - Committeeman Camden

Jose Horta - Committeeman Camden

Lito Moran - Committeeman Pensauken

Hiran Garcia - Pastor and Former President of the Pastors Federation

Jose Carrero - Co-Pastor, Congrecion De Yahweh

Ivonne Martinez - Pastor, Gennesaret

Maria Ozuna - Business Owner

Mike Muñoz - Business Owner

Miguel Arriaga - Business Owner

Luis Japa - Business Owner

Ana Reyes - Business Owner

Jesus Abreu - Business Owner

Luis Quiñonez - Community Activist

Aida L Figueroa - Community Activi