With the two major parties offering highly controversial candidates for president, many voters are looking down the ballot to vote for candidates who best reflects their views on issues of greatest concerns to them. Looking to allow voters to get a better understanding of each candidate's platforms and positions on issues of concerns in incumbent Donald Norcross' 1st congressional district, the Gloucester County NAACP joined by the Jewish Community Relations Center, South New Jersey Chapter of 100 Black Women have scheduled a debate among the candidates.

The debate will take place on Friday, Nov. 4, at Rowan College Gloucester County Nursing and Allied Health Center, 1400 Tanyard Road, Deptford Township. Doors open at 6 p.m. with a 7 p.m. debate start time. 

The groups  has reached out to Rep. Donald Norcross (D), Bob Patterson (R), Bill Sihr (L), Michael Berman (American Independents.org), Scot Tomaszewski, (We Deserve Better) to attend and participate in the debate that will allow them to interact with voters of the 1st congressional district.

Moderated by the League of Women Voters, this debate goal is to inform and involve members of the sponsoring groups and residents of the 1st congressional district so they can make good decisions down ballot this fall. During the 90-minute debate, the sponsoring groups look forward to hearing from each of the candidates and getting answers to the big questions. Why should I vote for you? What is your vision for the 1st congressional district and its future?

Loretta Winters, president of the local branch of the NAACP said the debate will allow attendees to personally meet and get a sense of the candidates' positions on certain issues central to our district and our country." According to Winters, the debate will be videotaped by the sponsoring groups for availability to voters leading into the  election.

Wilfredo "Wil" Rojas, communication chair for the civil rights organization said persons attending the debate will get the opportunity to write their questions for the candidates on index cards. A panel will then sort, edit and prioritize the written questions based on their perception of the importance of each question's subject matter, he said.

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