To the Editor:

Concerning the "Another Viewpoint" editorial (from the Los Angeles Times) "Smartphone gun is dumb, dangerous idea," which was published in the South Jersey Times April 2 print edition:

This idea may not be all that dumb!

About 15 years ago, I was packing up my music equipment after an evening job at an assisted-living facility. The staff had helped me carry everything out. Then they went back in and locked the door from the inside.

After I finished putting stuff away and I got on my wheelchair lift, I noticed a human shadow coming toward the back of my van. I pulled out my cellphone, which, at the time, had a 3-inch antenna, and held it as it if was a handgun.

When the guy came around to the back of my van, I raised my arm and pointed the phone at him — where upon he took off running.

My "cellphone gun" turned out to be a good idea! I don't think my current smartphone would work as well.

Harry Walker


Norcross best for 1st Dist. House

To the Editor:

I am writing to endorse U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross, D-1st Dist., for another two-year House term.

To be honest, I have disagreed with Norcross on occasion. However, in regard to issues that I care deeply about, he has been on the forefront of progress. He has sponsored and voted for bills that could help working-class families as well as veterans. These include the "Fair Wage Act" (a $15 minimum-wage bill) and the "Veterans Freedom of Healthcare Act."

Norcross has only has a 7 percent approval rating from the National Rifle Association, which is a clear sign that he favors sensible legislation intended to prevent prevent gun violence.

In terms of education, Norcross, as a former state lawmaker, has worked to strengthen Rowan and Rutgers universities in South Jersey, and create partnerships with community colleges to make higher education more affordable. He is also a strong supporter of trade schools and apprenticeships for those looking to enter the workforce.

In a time during which both parties speak about bipartisanship as if it were the plague, Norcross has displayed great effort in reaching across the aisle to make government work. He even has a great record of working with the other house of Congress, the U.S. Senate.

As a 1st Dist. voter, I believe Norcross' experience and record make him the best fit for our district and communities.

Stephen J. Steglik

Maple Shade

Editor's note: In the June 7 Democratic primary election, Norcross is expected to face challenger Alex Law and perhaps others for the party's 1st Dist. House nomination.