Enhancing public safety is one of my top priorities. I led the successful push to reform our state’s bail laws and keep violence out of our communities by focusing on an offender's risks, not their resources, and was recognized by the New Jersey NAACP for those efforts.

I was an early supporter of equipping law enforcement officials with body cameras, and authored New Jersey’s first law to do so. Capturing this information protects both officers and the public they serve.

First Responders risk their lives every day to keep our communities safe, and I have stood up for them by instituting programs that help them gain and retain employment, and assist their families in times of need. 

I also worked to increases penalties for illegal gun trafficking and allow police officers to impound vehicles in cases that involve illegal weapons, drugs, or prostitution, effectively removing vehicles of crime from our streets. We don’t let suspected terrorists board airplanes, and I'm determined to make sure that 'No-Fly' means 'No-Buy.’