New Jersey Congressman Donald Norcross and a band of South Jersey law enforcement officials are spotlighting what they call the “urgent national security concern of the terrorist background check loophole for gun purchases.”

Congressman Norcross says how can someone who pledges allegiance to ISIS go out and buy a gun?

President Obama says that Congress should at a minimum, take up legislation that would bar anyone on the federal terrorist watch list from buying a gun.

Norcross says the American public gets it, but the few who don’t serve- with him in Congress.

Norcross is sending a letter to House Speaker Ryan asking him not to adjourn for the holidays until they move this bill.

Despite the run of highly publicized mass shootings- the most recent of which in San Bernardino and the terror attack in Paris- a polarized Congress appears gridlocked over moving quickly to bring up new gun control legislation.

Norcross says “special interests have a stranglehold” on some members of Congress, citing the second amendment right to bear arms.