Dear friends,

This Veterans Day we pause to honor those who served in times of conflict and in times of peace. This week I traveled to Afghanistan with fellow members of Congress to spend time with men and women on the front lines carrying on the fight for freedom.

Every proud soldier and veteran I meet has a unique story, but all entered service with the mission of protecting and defending our great country and all it stands for. That's why I’m working every day to be a voice for them in Washington.

I pledge to serve them as they served us — with meaningful action that shows how much we appreciate their sacrifices for America. This week I announced a plan that will give all veterans the freedom to choose where they wish to receive health care, and when. Too many wait too long just to get a simple doctor’s appointment through the VA across the river when South Jersey has multiple world-class facilities for care. Our veterans earned nothing but the best health care our country has to offer, so I'm committed to honoring their service through this effort.

Join me in saluting these heroes this Veterans Day—and every day.

Donald Norcross

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