(LAWNSIDE, NJ) - Tonight State Senator Donald W. Norcross (D-Camden/Gloucester) participated in his first congressional debate before the NAACP Camden County East Chapter at the Lawnside Public School, where he detailed his many legislative successes during his service in the New Jersey Senate and his vision for South Jersey’s economic future as the region’s next United States Congressman.

“The contrast in tonight’s debate could not have been more clear between Senator Norcross and his Republican and Democratic opponents,” said Ken Shuttleworth, spokesman for the Norcross campaign. 


“Senator Norcross spelled out his significant accomplishments, what he brings to the table as the nation’s only union business agent running for Congress, and his plan to reinvigorate the South Jersey economy.,” added Shuttleworth. “As the only candidate in this race who has worked in nearly every refinery and power plant up and down the Delaware, his real world experience as a union electrician is sorely needed in our nation’s capital right now."

“Senator Norcross has been incredibly effective during his time in Trenton — authoring landmark legislation like the Economic Opportunity Act, that is already spurring investment by small businesses and entrepreneurs in New Jersey’s distressed cities." 

"His leadership in reorganizing the state’s university system will have a major impact on added seats for local students and research and development grants right here in South Jersey, which for generations was the ignored stepchild in the state’s higher ed hierarchy,” continued Shuttleworth. “The Senator also played a key role in crafting gun control legislation that reduces the number of bullets per round to save innocent lives from senseless violence and a law that toughens penalties for illegal gun traffickers."

As Congressman, Donald Norcross will focus on:

  • Rewarding businesses who create jobs and build things in America… No more tax breaks for multi-national companies who send that work overseas at our expense.
  • Making college, grad school, and vocational education more affordable for working and middle class folks; because you can’t create wealth while mired in debt.
  • Fight for New Jersey’s fair share from Washington. Right now the Garden State is dead last in return on our tax dollars (61 cents on every dollar). That is unacceptable. We need to finish the job on the Rt. 295/Rt. 42 highway connector project, expand light rail here in South Jersey, and strengthen our Delaware River and Bay port so we can compete on a level playing field with other east coast ports.