In what could be a campaign first, an incumbent member of Congress is promoting a boyhood image of himself dressed as dessert.

In the early 1960s,  US Rep. Donald Norcross, D-NJ was a student in  the preschool program at the Jewish Community Center in Cherry Hill. For a school celebration of Purim, his mother made him a traditional hamentashen costume; the triangular, cookie-like pastries are the holiday's signature treat.

A photo taken for the occasion and showing a cute little fellow wearing glasses and a tri-corner hamentashen hat (with matching  vest) can be found in a campaign ad in the current issue of the Jewish Voice of Southern New Jersey.

The ad wishes readers a happy holiday and says the candidate's "deep personal commitment to Israel and the Jewish people" began during his JCC days.

"I'm letting people understand my experiences," Norcross, 57,  says by phone. He's not Jewish, but is "proud of my roots" in various South Jersey communities. And he likened the photo to one of Ralphie, the famous bespectacled boy in the "Christmas Story" movie, adding, "I think it's kind of funny."

But Norcross's Democratic  primary challenger Alex Law, who is Jewish, is laughing at -- not with -- his opponent.

The ad "is ridiculous," he says. "The Norcross campaign is getting nervous about how well we are doing, and one of their vulnerabilities is the Jewish community."

An underfunded upstart who rarely if ever misses an opportunity to needle his establishment rival, Law, 25,  also has an ad ready for Voice readers. "No one could ever have the Jewish community's interests at heart more than someone who was born and raised in it," he declares n the ad, which also includes several photos.

Including one of the candidate and Bea Kaplan, his "Bubby."

That's Yiddish for "Grandmom."