To the Editor:

I was pleased to learn that my educational roots are similar to those of U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross, D-1st Dist. We are both proud graduates of Pennsauken High School and attended Camden County College. 

Today, I work in a non-profit agency as a care coordinator for people with the HIV virus. As strong advocate for liberal and democratic causes, as is the congressman, I was awarded the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Medal by the Camden County freeholders.  

But this letter isn't about me, as I am no expert in policy-making. However, I know that Norcross serves the community tirelessly and fights for causes that are best for us all. He makes me feel as my voice, my vote, and my issues all matter to him and his office. 


Norcross touts support from Sanders, Clinton camps in reelection bid

Norcross touts support from Sanders, Clinton camps in reelection bid

The congressman's primary challenger is an ardent supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.


Norcross' record on the issues of today is unwavering. He is a supporter of LGBT rights and civil liberties, and sees freedom of speech and religion, and freedom from persecution, as important. 

He speaks from experience as a former electrician in saying that no one should need to have multiple jobs just to keep their head above water. He speaks straightforwardly about how modern success depends on higher education, including traditional four-year college, apprenticeships and technical training — but that people deserve the opportunity to improve their career prospects without being burdened by debt. 

He never leaves out that addressing climate change is a here-and-now conversation. And, he says we must honor our military, past and present, as a reminder of the values and sacrifice that built our nation.

The things that Norcross has done in Camden City alone are amazing and have improved the city by leaps and bounds. He is changing Camden, with its sad cycle of poverty, drugs and violence to a great place of hope and dreams. My area of the city, on Washington Street across from the Cooper University Hospital Emergency Room, is amazing place to live.

Jerome Pipes