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Donald Norcross: Fighting for South Jersey Families

Donald Norcross is a lifelong resident of South Jersey and a committed fighter for its working families. An electrician and union member, Donald has always prioritized expanding opportunity, investing in our workforce, and standing up for the underserved. As our congressman, he has delivered bipartisan and common-sense legislation to help support South Jersey.

  • Jobs and Opportunity: Donald has always said that the best social program is a good-paying job, and as a member of Congress he has expanded opportunities for middle class jobs and the training needed to get them.
    • He has written bipartisan legislation aimed at expanding apprenticeship opportunities through the PATH Act and Apprenticeship Hubs Across America Act, so that many more Americans can earn the skills they need to secure well paying jobs.
    • As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Donald wrote and helped pass the MINDS Act, which ensures that our military will buy the materials it needs from manufacturers in the US or allied nations, creating jobs in South Jersey while strengthening our partnerships overseas.
    • As part of the Inflation Induction Act, Donald created incentives to grow green energy jobs in South Jersey.

  • Pro Choice and Women’s Health:
    • As a member of Congress, Donald has been a consistent voice for choice, pledging to codify Roe to protect vulnerable women from states’ overreach.
    • He has brought back over $1 million to cut disparities in perinatal health for Black and Latina mothers across South Jersey.
  • Lowering Drug Prices: Seniors pay too much for prescription drugs, so Donald fought for Medicare reforms in the Inflation Reduction Act to cut the cost of living.
    • Out-of-pocket costs are capped at $2,000, saving South Jersey seniors thousands every year.
    • Medicare can negotiate drug prices, cutting the cost of necessary prescriptions and saving the program billions.
    • Insulin is capped at $35 per month, stopping price gouging of life saving medication.
  • Protecting Democracy: Donald Norcross is not afraid to do what is right to safeguard American democracy.
    • Donald voted to certify the 2020 election, despite threats from MAGA extremists.
    • When Donald Trump was impeached for inciting the January 6th riot at the Capitol, Donald Norcross voted to hold him accountable.

Donald Norcross’s record shows that he understands the issues facing South Jersey and the values that lie at the heart of our community. In what might be the most crucial election in America’s history, South Jersey needs to reelect Donald Norcross to continue his good work in Congress.

Vote for Donald Norcross for Congress in the Democratic primary, either by mail or in person on June 4th.