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Working for New Jersey

My life has been devoted to fighting for working families, seniors, veterans, and students. I know the struggles our families face because I’ve been there myself: from attending community college and raising my first son as a single dad, to working as an electrician and at times having to rely on unemployment and disability insurance to provide for my family, to having a son in the military, putting two children through college, becoming a proud grandfather and serving my community.

Please take a moment to learn more about where I stand on the critical issues that are facing our nation.

Raising Wages

Americans have earned a raise. I support raising wages, growing jobs in high-skilled industries, and ensuring fair pay and safe workplaces for all.

Expanding Education Opportunities

Students deserve an education that prepares them for a rewarding career and doesn’t leave them mired in debt.

Protecting Communities

For Americans to succeed, we must first and foremost provide a secure nation and safe neighborhoods.

Growing Jobs

The best social program is a good-paying job.

Improving Health Care

All Americans deserve access to quality affordable healthcare, all women should have reproductive freedom and we must confront the disease of addiction that's plaguing our communities

Honoring Veterans & Service Members

Men and women who have selflessly answered the call to serve our nation should not be left behind when they return home.

Caring for Seniors

In Congress, I will always honor our commitments to seniors and protect the Social Security and Medicare programs that they have worked hard to fund.

Standing Against Discrimination

Whether at home or at work, every individual is entitled to the same rights. We must stand together against discrimination of all kinds.

Protecting the Environment

We need to keep the Earth clean and safe for our children and grandchildren.

Restoring Our Democracy

America must restore faith and integrity in our democracy by reforming campaign finance laws and expanding voting rights.

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