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Honoring Veterans & Service Members

Men and women who have selflessly answered the call to serve our nation should not be left behind when they return home.

We have a duty to connect veterans and their families with every opportunity to work, get an education, and live a healthy life.

The bravery our service men and women have shown is not limited to state borders and neither should their education or health care. Our veterans deserve unrestricted access to the best health care America has to offer, and I am committed to giving every veteran the freedom to choose their preferred provider using their existing VA insurance. South Jersey is blessed with multiple world-class health care institutions, so our veterans should never have to suffer long waits or put up with sub-standard care. They gave their best, they deserve our best.

Veterans lead the country in unemployment, despite years of experience and the best training our military has to offer, which is why I have consistently fought to give them the support they need. Because of these efforts, local governments are now able to set aside a portion of their business opportunities specifically for veteran-owned businesses and those that employ our nation’s finest, providing much-needed job opportunities for these skilled workers. In addition, New Jersey’s colleges and universities now offer in-state tuition rates to all service members.

Our local heroes deserve recognition for their sacrifice. In 2016, I led a successful effort in Congress to rename the Deptford Post Office after fallen Marine Lt. Sal Corma, who died in Afghanistan in 2010 in an act of heroism that saved the lives of dozens of his fellow soldiers.

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