March 7, 2019 Media, Press Releases

Construction to Congress: Norcross, McKinley Host First Bipartisan Building Trade Caucus Meeting of 116th Congress
March 7, 2019

Today, Congressmen Donald Norcross (D-NJ-01) and David McKinley, P.E. (R-WV-01) hosted the inaugural meeting of the Congressional Bipartisan Building Trades Caucus in the 116th Congress. With both new and seasoned colleagues in attendance, the meeting focused on infrastructure, apprenticeships, retirement security and prevailing wage.

Norcross, an electrician by trade, and McKinley, an engineer who worked and taught in the construction industry, launched the caucus in 2016. The effort brings together Members of Congress from both sides of aisle to discuss issues that affect the millions of men and women who work in the construction industry.

“The Building Trades Caucus unites us by speaking to our shared values. The work of this Caucus is to invest in our greatest resource – the American worker,” said Congressman Norcross.“There’s been talk about infrastructure investments in Washington, without real, agreed-upon actions to build. That needs to change, and we are having these meetings to focus on common ground. For the sake of our local communities and national economy, we are zeroing in on how we can boost apprenticeships, support our American workforce and invest in our roads, bridges, ports, water and energy infrastructure and more.”

“After spending more than fifty years in the construction industry I have seen firsthand the issues that impact our nations construction workers. It’s crucial that we educate other members on issues like investing in infrastructure and workforce development,” McKinley said. “This caucus provides a platform for members of both parties to come together and discuss these topics. I’m excited to continue my work with Congressman Norcross and educate others about the valuable role the building trades play in building our economy.”

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