February 5, 2019 Media, Press Releases

Norcross: Trump Is All Talk, Bad Actions

February 5, 2019

Following President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, U.S. Congressman Donald Norcross released the following statement:

“Many working men and women voted for candidate Trump because they believed his promise to rebuild our infrastructure, create jobs and raise wages. But President Trump is failing to deliver on his promises to the middle class, and he’s only doing things to make the rich richer, divide Americans and make our country less secure. This is worse than all talk and no action. Trump is all talk and bad actions.

“I still plan to work with colleagues across the aisle to actually invest in infrastructure improvements – even though the President continues to underfund his promises with shortchanged budget proposals. I still plan to work with colleagues across the aisle to raise the minimum wage – since the floor hasn’t been voted on in over 11 years. And I still plan to work together to curb the opioid epidemic – and ensure we are addressing the stigma of addiction. While the President pays lip service to the idea of bipartisanship, I’ll continue to do actual, meaningful work in Congress.”

Norcross attended the state of the union address withRobert Martinez Jr., the International President of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM). Approximately 5,000 out of the nearly 35,000 federal contractors represented by the Machinists Union lost wages or paid leave because of the recent government shutdown. Click here to read Norcross and Martinez’ joint op-ed about their fight for federal contractors.

Norcross recently introduced the bipartisan Fairness for Federal Contractors Act (H.R.  824) to retroactively pay up to $1,400 per week to the more than 1 million federal contractors who were impacted by the 35-day long shutdown.

Norcross said: “Federal workers and their families endured incredible hardship during this government shutdown at no fault of their own – and it’s clear they should not have to lose their paychecks. During my career as an electrician, we often worked hand-in-glove with government entities and President Martinez, a former aircraft assembler, did too. The President missed his opportunity at the state of the union to be a real leader by preventing another shutdown and righting the wrongs from this past one.”

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