October 31, 2018 In The News, Media

Rowan University Democratic Voter Rally invites Booker and Norcross

The Whit Online
October 31, 2018

Donald Norcross, Democratic candidate for the New Jersey 1st Congressional District, and Cory Booker, New Jersey Senator, spoke at the Rowan Democrats “Get Out the Vote” rally held at the Chamberlain student center

Booker’s speech was centered around the necessity for all Americans to vote. He emphasized that this, along with activism on a greater level, will be the greatest agent for those who seek change in the United States.

“The Definition of this country isn’t what bad things happen to us, but what we do about it,” Booker said.

This, along with a litany of powerful messages, was directed to both Republicans and Democrats.

Booker stressed that the issues facing America today were bipartisan issues.

“Not voting isn’t an act of rebellion it’s an act of surrender,” Booker said, on the responsibility to vote in this country.

Norcross focused on the state of America since the 2016 presidential election. Calling attention and solemn wishes to recent shootings and displays of violence in America.

He spoke on the President’s, and current political leaders’ response to Hurricane Maria, the shooting in Pittsburgh and other acts of violence since 2016 as well as the bombs recently sent to Democrats, the headquarters CNN and critics of the President.

“There is something wrong with the leadership in this country,” Norcross said. “Trump doesn’t have compassion.”

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