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Press Releases

March 4, 2020 Media, Press Releases

Norcross Joins Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Scott In Calling for Investments in School Infrastructure

“My top priorities in Congress have always been jobs, education, and security, and all three are addressed in the Rebuild America’s Schools Act. Investing in our nation’s public schools will create good-paying jobs, improve educational outcomes, and ensure that students learn in state-of-the-art buildings that are safe and secure,” said Congressman Norcross, a member of the House Education and Labor Committee on Congress. “As public officials, it is our duty to protect our children, fight for their futures, and deliver high-quality education regardless of their zip code, and the Rebuild America’s Schools Act does just that.”

March 4, 2020 Media, Press Releases

Norcross Votes to Pass Emergency Funds to Fight Spread of Coronavirus, Protect Americans

“We need a fully-funded, coordinated response to keep our communities safe. That’s why I voted to approve funds to fully address this public health emergency and protect the American people,” said Congressman Norcross. “I will continue to work with federal, state and local officials to determine the best avenue forward to ensure South Jersey is prepared and residents are healthy.”

February 29, 2020 Media, Press Releases

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Governor Phil Murphy, Senator Cory Booker and Local Progressive Leaders Help Congressman Donald Norcross Kick off 2020 Re-Election

“I am so proud to stand here today with my friends Nancy Pelosi, Phil Murphy and Cory Booker as I announce my reelection campaign and fight back against President Trump’s attacks on America’s families and the foundations of our democracy,” said Congressman Norcross today. “Whether we are working in our nation’s capital, or right here in South Jersey, we all are committed to the same things: fair wages for working men and women, increased access to affordable health care, a quality education for every child and protecting our environment.”

December 20, 2019 Media, Press Releases

Norcross, Booker, Hayes Introduce Legislation to Support Childcare for Student-Parents

“Today, many student-parents are forced to choose work over their education because they cannot afford child care,” said Congressman Norcross, a member of the House Committee on Education and Labor. “Access to quality, affordable child care for college students impacts the strength of our economy and the diversity of our workforce. The PROSPECT Act will help provide student-parents with a level playing field. South Jersey is a leader in higher education, and this legislation will ensure that parents, their children and educators are afforded the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.”

December 17, 2019 Media, Press Releases

Norcross Statement on Articles of Impeachment

“I believe there is overwhelming evidence to conclude well beyond a reasonable doubt that President Trump is guilty of both articles of impeachment – Article I: Abuse of Power and Article II: Obstruction of Congress. Therefore, I will uphold my oath to protect and defend the Constitution and vote in favor of both articles of impeachment.